Mark James Henry was probably born to innovate in engineering. At age 3 he woke before dawn one Christmas morning and fully assembled a tricky powered construction set that his parents thought they might struggle with in the morning......

Fast forward 40-something years, a metal trade, two degrees, several languages, and a string of patents, brands and businesses later, and you could say Mark is feeling quietly confident about his new innovations and the future of SOLIDTEKNICS.

You might know Mark from his most prominent past business, Füritechnics and the Füri knives and Diamond Fingers sharpeners he patented and sold worldwide, but did you know he was about to launch cookware in Australia before he moved to San Francisco (to focus on growing Füri knives 'ballistically' in the USA with celebrity TV cook Rachael Ray)!

After selling the Füritechnics businesses there in 2008 he stayed, went Ducati superbike racing with the AFM in California, and developed structural carbon fibre subframes and titanium exotica for race motorcycles. After his non-compete finished he moved the family to France to partner with his old French distributor, de Buyer Industries, to establish a new division and develop the first knives and sharpeners in the venerable old company's 180 year history. After successfully establishing those luxury chef products in Europe and the USA he founded his design development business, Innovivant, and stayed in France while developing new patents for his new Australian company, SOLIDTEKNICS.....and 'la voila', here we are!

Mark has also been delighted with his role as consulting development engineer/ambassador for Füri knives, under the ownership of the new Australian owners, McPherson's Housewares: helping re-engineer and relaunch the brand he founded two decades ago, and still loves.

That is as short as we could make the story, so if you're interested in knowing more about MJ Henry please see Mark's own development website or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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Of course Mark couldn't have achieved what he's achieved alone...and neither would he want to. He is always appreciative of the wonderful support from family, friends and industry network all around him, the investors who put their faith in his businesses, and the employees who share his vision for developing not just amazing products, but a culture of contribution back to the community. That is what we want SOLIDTEKNICS to be known for, around the world...for many generations.

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A few lines from independent reviews on Facebook.....

The verbatim quotes below, like all reviews online, none are ever sponsored or 'planted'. All are genuine independent enthusiasm for something new and fresh, innovative, and exciting for owners of our cookware. See more of the 140+ reviews that make up our 5.0 average on Facebook here.

“When I discovered Solidteknics cookware, I knew that I had found a company that would have made my grandparents proud. Solidteknics takes pride in their pans and their relationship with its customers. They have built solid pans (whose performance you can read about in other reviews) but it is the company and Mark J. Henry that have impressed me. The company has followed its belief that cookware should not be disposable and definitely should not be toxic to its users. Their mult-generational warranty is proof that they do not take their customer's trust lightly-- they fully expect their pans to be passed on to future generations and not to the local landfill.”  

Adrian C.

“After trying my fair share of pans and spending a small fortune on a plethora of “non stick” pans only to have the surface scratch off through misuse or general wear and tear I came across Solidteknics pans. This was the turning point for me in not only my realisation of what a truly great pan is but in renewing my passion for cooking. Happily this has filtered down through my children who have been asking to cook with me and now happily cook for themselves…..Be warned though that you can’t stop at one. They are truly wonderful and addictive. I can not sing their praises enough.”  

Georgi H.  

“I didn't think it was possible to fall in love with cookware again, but here I am fawning over these carbon steel pans and the stainless steel Noni saucepan with its skillet lid. I've been cooking most of my life, for pleasure and also for a living. These pans are comparatively light, heat evenly and quickly and a breeze to clean up…...I am increasing my collection of Solidteknic products and tossing out those inferior pans, and some were far more expensive! I also give these pans as gifts: no better start to someone's kitchen after marriage than these.”  

Tookie G.  

“I think that this company has the ethos in companies that I love. Honesty, Integrity and giving back. I haven't got my SOLIDteknics pans yet I have opted in for the new kickstarter campaign ( that ends very soon ) and I can't wait. These pans are generational and perfect for our ever increasing issue of throwing things away and creating less of an imprint on our planet ❤️ Oh and the ❤️ is shown in the pans which I think just goes to show how much love goes into their creators designs.”  

Caroline R.

“I absolutely love the noni, and especially the lid. The proof for me is in the ability to do multiple omelettes and crepes one after the other with consistency in browning with no sticking with only the tiniest wipe of butter on the first two or three. …..To get the same consistency on other brand tri-ply I generally have to preheat longer and they tend to be heavier and less well balanced.”  

Anthony P.

“I love using my Noni stainless steel pan and skillet lid. It is very conductive so I use a lower flame on my gas stove, saving money. The handle design keeps it cooler to touch so I don’t need special gloves for my general cooking unless it is used in the oven. Cleaning has been easy. If I had to choose just one pan with lid to keep in my kitchen, it would be my Noni pan with skillet lid because it is so versatile, with two very useful cooking components. …..It is with great joy that I use this product, knowing it will last my lifetime and future generations who I am sure will enjoy and appreciate it as much as I do.”  

Maria M.