FAQ: But don't those solid seamless handles get hot?

For those who haven't cooked with SOLIDteknics cookware before, it's a common FAQ. It's common sense, right: if we make a pan from one seamless wrought piece of highly conductive iron or ferritic stainless, wouldn't the handle also get too hot to handle?! We can explain in all kinds of thermo engineering reasons why our handle doesn't get too hot to, ah, handle, for most regular cooking situations. The reviews are also all over the web, because it is a surprise when cooks first experience how cool the handle stays while cooking. Not a big deal for chefs, who always use a cloth, but one of those very useful practical benefits for home cooks, and a good demonstration of the complex engineering detail we take care of to make the whole pan appear simple, and work so effortlessly.

The best way is to see and hear it from the experts direct in the video below.

So,  the handles really  don't get hot?
Our handles are well known for not getting too hot in normal stovetop cooking. We're mechanical engineers, and we found a way to heavily reduce the heat conduction up handle (vents in neck are carefully placed). So, despite our pans being made from a single monobloc of highly conductive ferritic material (not regular austenitic stainless), you can usually lift them with bare hand. It's our long handles that don't get too hot (and short handles too, if not over open flame). Also, if we added rubber or plastic insulation, like all the importers, we wouldn't have a multi-century durable product.There's lots of independent reviews on this innovation all over the web, and discussions on our members group: www.facebook.com/groups/solidteknicsusers/ .

Are the handles too long?

The visionary behind the design is a food-loving entrepreneurial mechanical engineer who believes in a more sustainable industry where cookware is not a disposable item, and is not coated with questionable synthetics for a little extra consumer convenience. We found a way to heavily reduce the heat conduction up the handles, so they do not get too hot in normal stovetop cooking - you can usually lift them with bare hands. Innovative design!

In some photos the handles look long in the photo: it's the perspective angle. These are shorter than our Australian cookware handles, which are already well-loved there. Customers love our handles: see the reviews! www.facebook.com/pg/solidteknics/reviews

We have been impressed by the innovative storage ideas lovers (= repeat customers) of our cookware have come up with, such as hanging them from kitchen hooks when storage options are limited. The dimensions and weights of the current launch are below, and we would love you to stay connected for future product launches that may be a better fit for you: http://www.solidteknics.com/contact

Here are our pan dimensions;

noni dimensions USA.png

Are the handles uncomfortable?

No. Many top chefs love our pans (and their handles), and we have sold hundreds of thousands of pans in Australia and USA of our original Australian version, with the same handle. Don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be round: it works because it is wide and flat in the right places. If unsure of our engineering, see what the experts say: www.solidteknics.com/testify