nöni USA 11" Skillet-lid

noni 11inch lid only.jpg
noni 11inch lid only.jpg

nöni USA 11" Skillet-lid


nöni USA 11" Flat Skillet-lid, Satin finish: wrought seamless 1-pc conductive ferritic stainless.

All are Satin finish: wrought seamless 1-pc conductive ferritic stainless.

FAQ: How can solid stainless steel be highly conductive? This is a whole new way to make cookware from one solid monobloc of highly conductive stainless. More conductive than all the old clad multi-ply cookware that has dominated at the top end for decades. We don't need aluminum or copper clad layers because we've used the right solid ferritic (non-Nickel) stainless, and it is nothing like your clad austenitic (Nickel) stainless. 

This is a new era in cookware engineering, not marketing. We're real mechanical engineers who cook, not marketeers.

If your country has import duties or taxes, those will be your responsibility, as importer (like any imported product).

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Solidteknics Worldwide is tired of disposable synthetic nonsticks sadly still dominating the retailers shelves.....and landfill. We're helping change attitudes to all that waste and damage, and driving a growing grassroots movement rejecting disposable/toxic cookware. Gradually we will work to reverse many kinds of unsustainable consumer habits, in many countries, for the sake of future generations.  

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