Our 100% USA-made nöni™  wrought 1-piece stainless steel and US-ION™ wrought 1-piece iron pans are made available initially in the USA through our Kickstarter launch campaigns, where they are offered as historic and limited 'First Edition'. To see our current Kickstarter campaign visit: https://bit.ly/2II5Rc2 .

Most of our Kickstarter products will be available direct and in stores sometime after the Kickstarter campaign closes.

  • Order USA-made nöni™ online: HERE

  • Order USA-made US-ION™ online: HERE

  • For upcoming Kickstarter projects - add your name to our contact list HERE

Note that our Australian AUS-ION™  wrought iron pans are already well-known among chefs of the USA, and sold in some of the iconic chef/cook shops scattered around the country. Some selected outlets are below, and more can be found by contacting our US importer/distributor New Metro directly:  http://www.newmetrodesign.com/content/AUSION.html