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  • 8" Sauté pan - 1.75 qt capacity, 17.3” long, 8” diameter, 6.1” stove contact, depth 2.2”, weight 2 lbs.

  • 11" Sauté pan - 3.5 qt capacity , 21.5” long, 11” diameter, 8” stove contact, depth 2.62”, weight 4 lbs.

  • 11" Skillet-Lid - 18.2” long, 11” diameter, 9.7” stove contact, depth .375”, weight 3 lbs.

What makes nöni™ so conductive and indestructible?

nöni™ is a genuine world-first in cookware: seamless, one-piece, production wrought stainless steel cookware. No rivets, coatings, or welds - just fast and even heating on all heat sources, without the need for fragile clad layers to improve conductivity. This has never been done before because it is almost impossible, and not possible with traditional pressing methods. After thousands of years of metal cookware (and a century of disposable cookware), this innovative little engineering co. found a way.

Please familiarize yourself with our nöni™ cleaning, care & maintenance tips here before making your purchase.