Chef Marshall Shafkowitz - click here to see his live testimonial in our Kickstarter video

Chef Marshall Shafkowitz - click here to see his live testimonial in our Kickstarter video


After all the hard work creating what we believe are the best wrought iron and stainless steel pans in the world today, and creating a whole new cookware industry for Australia (AUS-ION) and now the US (US-ION),  we are very grateful for such solid support from the experts and home cooks.....and, yes, we are very proud. Thank you all! 

Note: none of the articles/reviews here are scripted, sponsored or planted: all are genuine enthusiasm for something new and extraordinary.....building into a real groundswell of support for this new American cookware industry.  

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Chefs Neil Perry, Brett Deverrall, Jeff Bulckens, and Chris Rendell are among the many who love our AUS-ION cookware. In this video they explain why, in their own words. After a lot of development work, we got the innovation and the engineering right, and now the proof is in the cooking!
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Click here to go to the original article in The Telegraph.

Click here to go to the original article in The Telegraph.

This is a video review of the Australian-made, Solidteknics AUS-ION Seamless Carbon Steel Pan. US-ION have the same specs. NOTE: I am not paid for reviews or for the positive things that I may say about a product in a video or social post.

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Review by Jeffrey B. Rogers - The Culinary Fanatic

I have used Solidteknics cookware for some time now, and I can say from experience that they are a company that sets the bar very high when it comes to uniqueness in design and functionality. Their new 10” US-ION wrought iron skillet is a welcomed addition to their growing line of beautiful and innovative cookware and is being made with American iron, right here in the USA.

As most of you know, cast iron is my niche, but there are times when I do desire something that heats faster. Because it is made from 3mm wrought iron, it has a higher level of thermal conductivity – it heats quickly - and packs a punch! While being lightweight, the build is still very solid and will not crack or shatter due to impact or thermal shock. I have received many messages from persons who are looking for something lightweight, and because of my extensive experience and level of satisfaction with Solidteknics wrought iron skillets, I never hesitate to recommend them.

Along with being beautifully designed, what makes Solidteknics wrought iron skillets unique is that they are made from one piece of iron, which means there are no seams and no rivets. If you have had any experience with most carbon steel skillets, you already know that rivets can sometimes be difficult to clean around. I have cooked in these skillets and ones unlike this enough to know that this is a plus. The handles are also unique in that they do not get hot AT ALL. I have found that I do not need handle protection during stovetop cooking. I compared this model of the skillet with their Australian model of approximately the same size, and there is a welcomed change. Although the handle on the Australian model is very nice, the US model exceeds it in comfort because it is smaller overall, especially in width. Like their other wrought iron skillets, the handle still maintains an upward angle which feels excellent when maneuvering the skillet or flipping foods.

The surface of the skillet is very smooth with an ample corner radius, which is great for omelets, sautéing and flipping. The lip of the skillet is flared at an approximate 25-degree angle for easy pouring with no spilling down the sides.

Here are some weights and measurements:
Weight: 3lb. 1.9oz.
Length (lip to tip of handle): 19.25”
Width (lip to lip): 10.625”
Cooking Surface Area: 8.25”
Height (Bottom to lip): 1.425”
Height (Bottom to handle tip): 2.7”

The skillet in these photos is one of only 12 in the world. All skillets sold during the early bird phase of the Kickstarter will be stamped ‘First Edition’ like this one. For my photos, I seasoned my skillet, but they will be raw and unseasoned when delivered, protected by a layer of beeswax and vegetable oils and ready for you to season. I have included a couple photos of what the unseasoned skillet looks like. I seasoned this skillet with one 520-degree F oven seasoning using grapeseed oil, followed by three seasonings with Crisbee Cast Iron Seasoning at 400 degrees F. The high-temperature seasoning is done primarily to achieve a dark color.

Along with exceptional design comes Solidteknics’ multi-century warranty which applies no matter where the skillet is used – in the home, restaurant or campfire. And, what good is a multi-century warranty if a company’s customer service is lousy? I have worked with Solidteknics for a number of years and have personally witnessed that they are consistently very eager to remedy any rare issues with their cookware. A beautiful skillet with a great warranty and excellent customer service – I’m a fan!

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Steel cooking pans that combine the best of cast iron and French steel pans are going to be a game changer in your kitchen. They even might be the last pan you ever buy. The Australian-made AUS-ION pans are created from one seamless piece of iron steel -

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