Other materials are lighter. Yes that is true. Lighter doesn't mean better!

Solidteknics pans are made using thicker steel (3mm) than most, and will not warp under high heat like thin carbon steel pans. Materials like aluminum is also toxic unless it is coated with something…..and that is the only problem: all the coatings used on aluminum are either toxic or disposable, or both.

If you’ve done your research, you wouldn’t even consider synthetic nonsticks. The evidence is clear, here is an article to read through if you are sitting on the fence - READ MORE 

That said, as soon as you have scratched the coating, you need to replace it. More money, more landfill.

Newer ceramic-coated nonstick pans might not be toxic (if coating is from a trusted source), but they are certainly disposable, being thrown in the trash at a frightening rate, because their nonstick doesn’t last long. We believe very strongly that cookware should NOT be designed to be disposable, when with innovative engineering you can now have a light pan that is seasoned for a forever-renewable non-toxic nonstick. Wrought iron!

These coated pans are not recycled: they become more landfill! In the USA alone, it is estimated that 20+ million coated pans every year are thrown in the landfill.

"If you use a non-stick pan in a reasonable way, you should be able to have to replace it only every 3 years. Let’s assume our “actively cooking” lifespan on average is 60 years— between 20 & 80. That would be in total 20 pans sent to landfill at the end of a lifetime. And that’s only to own one pan! Most families would likely use more than one pan to make everything.

In a lifetime, buying quality  pays off: if we assume an average non-stick pan costs around $25, that would make $750 spent in a lifetime, again just to own one pan."  View Source. 

We can end that waste and pollution with multi-century durable, forever-renewable natural nonstick!

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