I am confused - that is not wrought iron, it's pressed isn't it? 

Our pans are NOT pressed. Our patented method uses a combination of 3 manufacturing steps to form a wrought pan from a single flat sheet or iron or stainless steel. We keep our exact methods secret, because we know our competitors and offshore factories are watching closely. They’ve seen our success in Australia, rapidly rising to #1.

The old metal ‘cowboy pans’ were indeed pressed as one piece, from thin carbon steel. The only thing in common is that they are also one piece. Our pans are NOT pressed, and they are not thin and don’t warp and rust through. Cowboy pans are no longer in production for good reasons.

Below is a video showing our good friend and supporter Chef Marshall, how our pans are made. His facial expressions 'say it all'.

For a short time we have a ‘Try Me’ special at a price never to be repeated for exactly this purpose: for $49 you can own a rare First Edition 7.5" pan and try the difference for yourself. Like our Australian pans when we first launched 3 years ago, everybody came back to collect the rest of the range, and stopped using their old Teflon and cast iron pans.

You can learn more by clicking through to our Kickstarter project (HERE) and decide for yourself if you would like to add this 'not so heavy' piece of metal to your kitchens artillery - for more FAQ 's click here 

This video is from our first USA Kickstarter campaign, after 12 successful launch campaigns in Australia for our innovative, chef-acclaimed, Australian-made Solidteknics cookware, and two decades experience as mechanical engineers developing industry-leading chef equipment. You can clearly see the ‘shock’ on Chef Marshalls face after he witnesses the patented process our wrought pans go through - they are NOT pressed.