FAQ: Does wrought iron conduct like cast iron?

No. In fact it has a higher thermal conductivity than cast iron. Our wrought iron heats much faster, and being solid 3mm thick, also has plenty of thermal mass to sear the biggest steaks without cooling, a lot like cast iron.

Better cooking performance and lower weight. It's the best of both worlds.

We know cast iron very well. We're mechanical engineers who cook, we've been developing chefs equipment around the world for over two decades, and we used to make cast iron cookware. The main thing we loved about cast iron, and the thing all enthusiasts know about cast iron is the big thermal mass means big steaks don't cool the pan so fast that the sear (browning with Maillard reaction) is destroyed by instant temp drop to steam/stewing.  What the experts know now is that our solid wrought iron pans can also handle that sear, but at half the weight. The proof is in the cooking, as they say!


As most of you know, cast iron is my niche, but there are times when I do desire something that heats faster. Because it is made from 3mm wrought iron, it has a higher level of thermal conductivity – it heats quickly - and packs a punch! While being lightweight, the build is still very solid and will not crack or shatter due to impact or thermal shock. I have received many messages from persons who are looking for something lightweight, and because of my extensive experience and level of satisfaction with Solidteknics wrought iron skillets, I never hesitate to recommend them.
— Jeffrey B. Rogers - The Culinary Fanatic

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Wrought iron is also more conductive than carbon steel and stainless steel, meaning that our pans heat quickly, and foods cook evenly and consistently, every time. They don't cool instantly like thin carbon steel pans.

We could go into the thermodynamics, but it is well known among chefs and experts that our wrought iron pans sear big steaks as well as cast iron, and far better than thin carbon steel pans, because ours have just the right combination of thermal mass and conductivity.

See what real chefs and cooks have to say about the cooking performance of our wrought iron pans: www.solidteknics.com/testify 



Wrought iron is also tougher. It will never crack like cast iron can under thermal or impact shock.  At solid 3mm, our thick wrought pans won't warp under high heat like thin carbon steel pans, which means you can safely cook with any heat source, from induction to roaring campfire.


Why the big thermal mass and heavy weight?

Big thermal mass in cast iron is needed because: 1. Cast iron is a relatively poor conductor. 2. Sand casting doesn’t allow for thin sections. 3. Thin machined cast iron cracks relatively easily.


Another FAQ: Do the handles get hot?

Our handles are well known for not getting too hot in normal stove top cooking. We're mechanical engineers, and we found a way to heavily reduce the heat conduction up handle (vents in neck are carefully placed). So, despite our pans being made from a single sheet of highly conductive iron, you can usually lift them with bare hands. It's our long handles that don't get too hot (and short handles too, if not over open flame).  Some people have asked us to provide rubber or plastic insulation, like all the importers, if we did, then we wouldn't have a multi-century durable product.

The design in the handle allows the heat to escape through the ventilation gaps as opposed to travelling up the handle.

The design in the handle allows the heat to escape through the ventilation gaps as opposed to travelling up the handle.

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We do hope you have the change to try this engineering marvel for yourself!