Cast Iron v. Wrought Iron

Yes, we know cast iron is also one piece, and has been around for centuries. But times change. Our wrought iron pans cook and season the same as cast iron, yet they are around half the weight of traditional cast iron pans.

Not only does our highly conductive 3mm solid wrought iron heat faster and more evenly than cast iron, our pans also hold that heat very well and can handle searing a big steak without cooling instantly like thinner carbon steel pans.'

That's the main thing cast iron enthusiasts say about cast iron: big steaks don't cool the pan so fast that the sear (browning with Maillard reaction) is destroyed by temp drop to steam/stewing.

So why switch from cast to wrought? Similar to the question: 'if you were offered a model T Ford or a new luxury sports car for your everyday driving, which would you choose?' One is nostalgic, and one performs better in every way.....

Cast iron has worked fine for hundreds of years.

True, and we love cast iron, in a nostalgic old way.  Cast iron is however becoming obsolete because wrought iron does everything better that is important in an iron pan:

  • The big one: wrought iron pans are around half the weight of cast iron pans.
  • Pro chefs have never used cast iron as their working skillets. Chefs all around the world use our wrought iron pans all day long as their working skillets. They  simply can not use cast iron all day due to the weight.
  • Our long comfortable vented handle stays much cooler than fat little cast handles…..
  • Wrought iron cooks and seasons like cast iron,  it does however conduct heat better (faster and more even) than cast iron, and it will not crack like cast iron can.
  • The low wrought iron weight also really suits very young and older cooks, as well as cooks with strength challenges.

Wrought Iron Weights...

Across the board, our pans aren't exactly half the weight of cast iron pans though it does depend on the size and make, our statement is a good average. Our smaller pans are slightly more than half the weight, our mid-sized pans are close to half the weight, and our large pans (coming later) are much less than half the weight of bigger brands such as Lodge. As our pans get bigger, our 3mm bases, and our thinner walls make an even bigger difference in reducing weight. There’s also lots of brands and styles, so our ‘half weight’ is a good average for average pan sizes for average brands.

Despite being around half the weight of cast iron, our pans are also tougher and will last much longer, because our wrought iron can’t be cracked. Even thick cast iron pans regularly crack with impact or thermal shock.

New 'hipster' machined cast iron pans can be as light as 4lbs for a 10” pan, so only about 25% heavier than ours, but they’re also very fragile. Cast iron is already fragile for impact or thermal shock, and machining them thin makes them even more fragile. At some point there will be an accident…..and that’s a shame when you think a pan is tough enough to hand down as a family heirloom. We see the sad stories often on cast iron cooking forums: "I'm devastated. Today I dropped my great grandmother's cast iron pan.....". That will never happen with our pans.

Why is 1-piece technology important? We’re mechanical engineers who cook, we’ve been engineering chef equipment for decades, and Solidteknics used to make cast iron pans. Cast iron pans have been around for 2 centuries, and hand-forged iron pans have been around for 2 millenia. Therefore we are not the only 1-piece iron pan, but we are the world’s only manufacturer with a patented new method for making production seamless 1-piece wrought iron (and stainless) cookware.

We love traditional cast iron too, in a nostalgic kind of way. Wrought iron performs the same at half the weight.

We love traditional cast iron too, in a nostalgic kind of way. Wrought iron performs the same at half the weight.

For a short time we have a ‘Try Me’ special at a price never to be repeated for exactly this purpose: for $49 you can own a rare First Edition 7.5" pan and try the difference for yourself. Like our Australian pans when we first launched 3 years ago, everybody came back to collect the rest of the range, and stopped using their old Teflon and cast iron pans.

You can learn more by clicking through to our Kickstarter project (HERE) and decide for yourself if you would like to add this 'not so heavy' piece of metal to your kitchens artillery - for more FAQ 's click here 

We do hope you have the change to try this engineering marvel for yourself!