Our 100% USA-made nöni™  wrought 1-piece stainless steel pans are only available in the USA now through our Kickstarter launch campaign, where they are offered as historic and limited 'First Edition', the campaign ended May 1: http://kck.st/2DLpSaV . They will be available direct and in stores sometime after the Kickstarter campaign closes.

  • Pre-order USA-made nöni™ online: HERE

  • Pre-order USA-made US-ION™ online: HERE

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Note that our Australian AUS-ION™  wrought iron pans are already well-known among chefs of the USA, and sold in some of the iconic chef/cook shops scattered around the country. Some selected outlets are below, and more can be found by contacting our US importer/distributor New Metro directly:  http://www.newmetrodesign.com/content/AUSION.html